HVAC Service Technician Tool List

Without the right tools, even the most skilled technician can’t do much for your company.

Without the right tools, even the most skilled technician can’t do much for your company. However, you shouldn’t feel obliged to provide every tool your 24 hour electrician in Auckland need. If they don’t have the right tools, it’s a sign they aren’t as dedicated to their craft. However, HVAC business owners should ensure that their technicians have access to a few specialized or expensive items to keep them ready for anything.

Reciprocating saw blades

A reciprocating saw, also known as Sawzall, is a versatile tool that can cut through almost any material. It’s a useful and versatile tool that every HVAC technician should have. Although your technician will most likely buy and maintain the saw, they must select a durable model that can withstand years of regular use. It is also important to supply the blades that they will use. The cost of maintaining a stock of blades pales compared to the loss of time your company could suffer if they try to cut complicated tasks with dull blades.

Vacuum Pump

If you place refrigerant in a leaking line, you are throwing good money after bad. This could result in the loss of time and material, or worse, cause the client’s air conditioner to fail. It will cost you a lot of money to repair the problem, and it could cause your client to lose their trust in you. This will be a reminder of how important it is to do the job correctly the first time. You should ensure that each technician has a reliable vacuum pump. They can use the pump’s ability to suck moisture and air from air conditioning lines to determine which lines have been leaking before adding refrigerant. Choosing the right pump for your company and technicians cannot be easy due to the variety of models. This vacuum pump guide will help you understand the differences and make an informed purchase.

Mobile HVAC Software

Although it is not considered a tool in the traditional sense, an HVAC mobile software solution can be just as important for your HVAC business’ success as any of these items. If you don’t give your technicians the tools, they need to complete the job quickly, accurately estimate the cost, and communicate with customers or your office effectively, the quality of your technicians’ work won’t matter. An HVAC software combined with a mobile app can help you manage all aspects of your HVAC business more efficiently. Apps such as Smart Service make it easy to give your technicians the information they need to deliver exceptional service. All information such as contact information, equipment records and service histories are available with a single tap. Your technicians can now focus their energy and time on their work, instead of tedious administrative tasks. HVAC software can help you reorganize and grow your business.

Refrigerant Scale

It is possible for those not well-versed in HVAC work to be surprised by the precision of many tasks. Consider, for instance, how to charge an air conditioner with refrigerant. The system will not be able to maintain the temperature in its designated space if it isn’t supplied with enough refrigerant. To make matters worse, too much can cause a high pressure system in the cooling equipment. This can lead to a decrease in compressor life and expensive maintenance. The refrigerant scale measures the refrigerant’s weight as it is added to the compressor. This allows your technician to add exactly what the system requires. This same ability allows your technician to determine if there is a leak in the system. This will allow them to quickly fix the problem and prevent it from becoming a major one. There are many refrigerant sizes available, just like vacuum pumps. This breakdown of three of the most common refrigerant ranges will help you decide which scale is best for your business.

Cordless drill with 2 batteries

The cordless drill is an indispensable HVAC tool due to its portability, power and versatility. Make sure to provide your technicians with a drill that is at least 18 volts. Also, make sure you have a variety of bits such as arbors, Phillips, hex and hole saws. To ensure your technician’s drill lasts the whole day, you should have at least two spare batteries.

Insulated handles for screwdrivers

To be ready for any HVAC situation, equip your HVAC technician with a variety of screwdrivers. To accommodate different types of screws and bolts in HVAC systems, your set should contain a variety of flat-head, hex, and Phillips screwdrivers. A heavy-duty screwdriver can be used for multiple purposes, such as prying apart venting. To avoid electrical shock, make sure you look for screwdrivers with insulated handles.

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