Some interesting facts about Best CCTV cameras that you had no clue about!


What’s a CCTV camera? You have an idea that its full form is “Closed Circuit Television”! But what exactly does ‘closed circuit’ mean? No, it’s definitely not rocket science, and once you go through this article, you will have a lot more knowledge about CCTV than you have at the moment. A CCTV camera is used to communicate video signals from the camera itself to monitors or recorders. The name ‘closed circuit’ basically comes from the fact that this camera system doesn’t broadcast these signals and transmissions publicly. They are only allowed to be accessed by authorized users. So, you can guess that such stringent policies and uses makes it perfect to be used for highly classified and security purposes.

Also, they are so widely used for domestic as well as commercial security purposes, that they are often known as CCTV security cameras. A CCTV camera system consists of security cameras, monitors, and recorders. These surveillance cameras have evolved technologically over the years, and today they record high resolution images and clear audio. There are certain cameras which even come with night vision features and your trespassers can’t escape their fate even in total darkness. Also, you could bring home an advanced CCTV system which comes equipped with motion sensors that could trigger alarms whenever there is suspicious, unwanted human movement. All of these features make it utmost necessary to go for a domestic or commercial CCTV installation in West Midlands, U Watch 24/7 is one of the best at their job of supplying and installing CCTV security systems. They make sure to provide high quality security systems which give their customers a complete peace of mind.

Some lesser known CCTV facts that you ought to know

Now, having spoken so much about CCTV’s already, we bet you are already considering installing wireless home CCTV systems. Whether the video clips or the footage is recorded in DVDs or SD cards, you could access them and play it on your mobile phone, computer, laptop etc. even when you are on the go. They are primarily used for crime detection and prevention purposes, but you could even use them to keep an eye on elder family members or children in the house when you are away. So, now that you are enlightened with so much CCTV knowledge, let’s get to the facts.

  • Earliest use: Well, the earliest known use of a CCTV camera dates back to 1942, when a German engineer, Walter Bruch designed it to record the launch of V2 rockets on monitors.
  • Commercial use: The earliest commercial use was way back in 1949, when an American company started using it to keep a check on dangerous industrial processes.
  • Sports streaming: CCTV cameras started to be used for pay-per-view sports streaming back in the 1970’s. The famous “Rumble in the Jungle” fight drew in a whopping 50 million CCTC viewers, worldwide.
  • Count: There are more than 350 million CCTV cameras all over the world, which are used for the strict monitoring of public and residential areas to enforce security.
  • US Capture: Now, did you know that if you are anywhere in America, you shall get captured by CCTV cameras at least 200 times a day. That’s not a surprise at all knowing the fact that every 10 people in America own more than one CCTV camera.
  • Different names: Yes, people in different parts of the world call the CCTV camera by different names. Some call it surveillance cameras while some call it IP cameras. People in Britain call them as CCTV or security cameras.
  • IP cameras: Today, a majority of the CCTV cameras are of the IP type which can be connected to the internet and could be linked within a limited area. They also function without space constraints and can be accessed remotely. So, thus, CCTV cameras aren’t that ‘closed circuit’ anymore.

So, these were seven of the most interesting facts about CCTV cameras that you may never have given a thought about. They also come in different types, and you could take your pick, depending on your requirements. So, are you ready to securitize your property?

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