Lights, Angles and Essentials

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

~ Ansel Adams

Everytime, you look through a photograph there is something that grabs your attention, Some part of it that makes you want to look at it and even like it. There are a lot of things that are necessary for it to be special. There could be the lights, the splash of colours, the composition, the distance, etcetera and etcetera. Have a shot at some of the most important things required for the perfect picture. 

The Lights

The perfect amount of light is as important for the perfect capture just as the oxygen is to our body. You may be wanting a low light result or even a well-lit space. Light is, what they believe it, is the be-all and end-all of all photography. The lights have different shades and tones and not only bright or dark. They create the mood and the different setup. Lighting is the key to unlock the best photography.

The Angles

The angles are again one of the important ones. They bring out the voice, the motive, and the point to the photograph. The other synonym for angles in photographic terminology would be the shot, so make sure that your photo is made with utmost precision and at the most appropriate angles, the high, the mid or the low.

The Composition

The composition is the sole bearer of the photograph. Something that solely depends on you. Some techniques help you for you to have your desired photographic compositions. 

  • Rules of thirds:- By using the rule of thirds, you can bring out the special focus on your subject. It allows you to place the subject in the centre of the intersecting points of the grid where the subject is supposed to be placed.
  • The Golden Spiral:- It is somewhat similar to the rule of thirds. Here you imagine, a spiral in the frame and the curves move inward-pointing towards the point of interest.
  • Lead Lines:- The Lead Lines help you put the focus on the subject of interest. 

Along with symmetry, balance, colours, space, framed shots, odd numbers, and motion too etc. 

Making sure that the detail gets its attention, you can make a powerful and visually rich composition. 

The Backgrounds

Even though it is a part of photographic composition, this deserves a special mention. The backgrounds of the photographs hold huge importance. The backgrounds have a huge impact on the composition. A bad background could be distracting, but the main subject in a bad light or bring it out of focus, making it look shabby and cluttered, and if it isn’t the way it is supposed to be then, 

To have a perfect background you need to make sure that basic things are checked off the list, like-

  • Simplicity
  • Frame filling
  • Contrast and Brightness
  • Blurring 
  • Background Story
  • Zooming


So, if you want to have the perfect photograph and make it yourself, then make sure you choose the perfect combo of the above tips and give it a finesse touch. 


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