Pouring Concrete by Yourself? Know All That Can Go Wrong!


Imagine walking on a driveway that’s slanted or has an uneven level of flooring? A rough and tough daily walk, isn’t it? Well, that could happen when you would jump on your impulse to pour the concrete on your own on your driveway or yard! Did you actually think you’ll be saving money through it? Well, in reality, you may just end up bearing a huge loss due to it! 

All those DIY videos guiding you to pour concrete on your floor can actually be misleading in reality! There’s more in having concrete on your floor than just pouring them on the way. And that more may or may not be known to you! And even if you know, the experience counts!

Dangers of DIY concrete pouring and why you should avoid it!

There are essential reasons why calling Pump Safe, the concrete contractors in Auckland, becomes mandatory to lay smooth, perfect and levelled concrete floors. And to know those reasons, read below and try avoiding the risk at any cost.

  • Improper preparation— If you thought that excavating the area with a shovel and getting rid of plants and debris was enough, do read this carefully. You’ll have to prepare and create a solid and proper base for the concrete to settle in – only then you shall get a long-lasting levelled surface. Because if it’s poured on a loose soil, the concrete will start to crack, crumble and degrade as soon as the soil settles.
  • Using the wrong tools — Using proper and heavy-duty tools is significant to get your concrete layered evenly. Because, if you try using the wooden or plastic tools, they’ll give up at the time of mixing and surfacing. Also, preparing and pouring the concrete mixture requires everything to be done in a jiffy. A little delay, and your mixture would start to harden. And this can be possible only with the suitable tools for the mixing.
  • Wrong water ratio — The most common, crucial mistakes of these DIY experiments is using less or more than required water in the concrete mixture. A dry concrete can have visible cracks in it; while a runny, watery one may be too soft and tend to weaken the mixture leading to uneven pour.
  • Insufficient safety precautions— So, you may have been successful in getting all those heavy duty tools for mixing and pouring the concrete, but what about the right way to use it? If you aren’t tackling the equipment properly, you may get seriously injured in this procedure. Also, though concrete is pretty safe, you need to protect your skin, respiratory system and eyes from the fine particles. They may cause some breathing and skin issues if you aren’t protecting yourself with a mask or proper clothing.
  • Weather conditions — As you aren’t an expert, you may not know what kind of weather is proper to pour the concrete. Carrying out the task during rain and strong wind can lead to a damaged concrete in hours. And even extreme chilled climate can lead to lots of issues in proper pouring of the concrete.

A concrete can be the best type of flooring, especially for your outdoors, because of its efficiency and convenience. But, few mistakes at the time of pouring it are enough to destroy your dream project. Let the task be handled by a professional concrete contractor for perfect, accurate and magnificent results!

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