The Secrets About Vehicle Vinyl Wraps That You Need To Know


A wrap is generally applied directly on the vehicle’s original paint. It is a large vinyl graphic which helps you to change the entire appearance of your vehicle within a very short time. You can also use it to protect the original paint of the vehicle and being easy to remove; you can get the originality of the car within no time.

Vinyl wrap in Brisbane mostly stays from one to five years depending on the quality of the product.

When applying a vinyl wrap on your car, pay attention to the following details and best would be if get it done by professionals. A single small mistake will make your vehicle look bad, and experts with their years of knowledge can get you the desired precise finishing.

Vinyl Wraps Secrets That Can Change Your Vehicle

1. Design of the Wrap

Unlike your business cards, your car is not flat, which simply needs your name and address printed with a logo. A designer needs to have a broad experience along with the perfect tools like the most updated vehicle templates, and only then he can create a car wrap design which will fit your vehicle perfectly. 

Every aspect including the angle, spacing, curves of your vehicle has to be considered when designing the wrap. Ignoring anything will be a disaster.

2. The Material Used to Manufacture the Wrap

There are different types of vinyl wrap, and some of the renowned vinyl wrap Brisbane companies have in this service for ages.

When selecting the wrap for your vehicle, do not let price be the only deciding factor. The amalgamation of vinyl with overlaminate is enormously essential. Some shops use a 3M Cast vinyl but to reduce the cost they use a cheaper Laminate or Calendared. These minute differences can be identified only by a trained eye, but over a period, even you will realize that you have used the incorrect quality of vinyl wrap for your precious vehicle.

3. Production Process and Installation

Now that you have the design and material in place, its time to get it printed. Once again, it is not as simple as getting a sheet of paper printed; it involves a lot more than that. 

Before you select a manufacturer, ask him his printing profile. These technicalities guide the amount of ink the printer will lay on the vinyl to get the best results.  

Next, the installer will prepare your vehicle for the application of the wrap. He will go through each and every part of the car to make it super clean and free of wax. 

A day before the car will be washed with a unique solution and dried up completely. Then, an alcohol wash is given to make sure that there are no traces of the solution in the car.

It is one of the most time-consuming parts, and at times installers tend to be careless while doing it. So, if you have to be very careful and make sure that there is not a spec of dirt on your car before the vinyl is applied.

4. Post-installation

You must be thrilled with the new look of your car and dying to show it off to your friends, but hold! The post-installation step is as crucial as the other few mentioned above. 

Using a Heat-Gun, the installer should go over each area of the wrap that is on the lowered or curved areas. He then uses a digital thermometer to confirm that every edge of these areas reaches the required degree. This is important because PVC is a vital ingredient of vinyl wraps, which, when overstretched and heated, goes back to its original shape.

After application and post use, if it goes back to the previous shape – it is obviously not desirable!

The only way to maintain its current shape is to make sure that areas which are strained reach the required temperature.

Many installers do not go through this process. So, the next time you are planning to get your car dressed in a trendy vinyl wrap, make sure to ask them about their post-installation process.  

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