Want to style your daybed? Get to know the easy ways!


The interior home decorations have evolved over the years by a great deal. If you turn through an eighties’ magazine or start watching some television show that was being aired in that era, you will notice the stark difference. Earlier, people took furniture pretty seriously. It is not uncommon to come across elegant white furniture with intricate detail work and a charming home décor to match with the overall look during that period.

Even though the basic essence of furniture has remained the same, but the design and décor have evolved by a great deal. Nowadays, people gravitate towards pieces that will render that relaxing holiday feel to their homes. Big sturdy pieces of furniture are almost out of style, even though you can spot them in houses where people try to hold on to the vintage theme. Light weight, quirky and colourful furniture are stealing the thunder in today’s time. The best example would be how chairs are being replaced by fun looking large bean bags. Resort Style Bean Bags offers a wide range of durable and high quality outdoor/indoor bean bags and custom-made daybed and cushion covers. They help their customers to style up their homes with comfortable and attractive seating arrangements for both indoors and outdoors.

Ways of styling daybed

What can be better if you could get the same relaxing feeling in your home that you would get in a hotel on a holiday?! This can be easily made to be true just with the help of bean bags and daybeds. You could place a daybed out on the porch where you could spend a day basking under the sun with a novel, or you could just throw your body on a large bean bag and just relax without a worry in the world. To make things look more fun and comfortable, you could put on daybed covers and style it according to your taste and preference. Here are a few tips:

  • Colour palette: It is very important to choose a colour palette for your daybed in order to make sure that it is blending in with the rest of the décor. The best way of doing this is by closely studying the various colours and hues that already exist in the set up, and choose three colours that would go with the rest. The three colours basically have to be one accent colour and two neutral colours. Like you could go for an elegant grey bed, and choose the other two colours to be ivory and teal for covers and cushions.
  • Make it: Most of the daybeds don’t come along with a mattress, so you have to make the daybed yourself. For this, you will need a standard twin sized mattress. However, if you want to use your daybed as a proper bed (and not just a couch), then start by adding comforter and fitted sheet to it. You just have to lay the comforter flat on top of the mattress. There is absolutely no need of folding it from the sides whatsoever. Also, you could get yourself some elegant mattress cover if you want to use your daybed as a sofa instead.
  • Pillows: The best way to make your daybed look overly comfortable and chic is by adding tons of pillows. So, if you are obsessed with pillows in general, then you should really feed into your hunger in this case! Start by adding bigger, fluffier and neutral coloured pillows at the back of the day bed, and line them with pillows of smaller size having fun detailing. This trick will help in enhancing the look of the daybed and your room in no time.
  • Throw blanket: Nothing can make your daybed look cosier than throw blankets. You could use one or even two throw blankets on your daybed. You don’t have to place it in a fancy way or fold it here and there. Just throw them on the daybed and let them hang casually from the sides. This will magically make the daybed look a hundred times cosier!

These are the few tips of styling a daybed. Keep in mind that daybeds are mainly for relaxation — so don’t make it look extremely formal and perfect. Letting it look casual will enhance its charm manifold.


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