3 Top Benefits Of Using Ceramic Tiles For Your Home

Building your dream home? From finalizing the design of the house, choosing fittings and fixtures to design the interiors, getting your dream homemade may require you to make hundreds of decisions. You may get stuck at multiple stages and may simply not be able to keep your finger on one particular option. Similarly, when it comes to deciding the type of flooring for your house, it is confusing and difficult to choose one option from multiple options that are available.

Ceramic Flooring

This is where ceramic tiles come to rescue. Ceramic tile is generally the most popular choice for flooring. Due to availability of multiple shapes, sizes and patterns, it becomes easier for us to select tiles for our home. Not only that, but ceramic tiles also look great in every room, be it bathroom, kitchen, or living room, and add to the aesthetics. So, let’s discuss the features that make ceramic tiles a hit among all the flooring options.

Benefits of Ceramic Tiles

Low Maintenance

Ceramic tiles are very easy to maintain. While installing the ceramic tiles in Melbourne, it is advised to seal the tiles and the grout used in between to make them stain-resistant and prevent water damage. This makes the tiles easy to maintain and little upkeep is needed. One sweeping and mopping does the task. Of course, textured tiles would require slightly more maintenance than glossy tiles, however, ceramic tiles are still easier to maintain than other flooring options.

Environmentally Friendly

Ceramic tiles do not get heated up in summer. And, they provide insulating effects in the winter. This considerably reduces your energy usage and proves to be good for the environment. Also, some ceramic tiles are made of clay, sand and glass while some are blended with other recyclable or recycled materials. This makes them environmentally friendly.

Resistance to Water and other Hazardous Materials

Ceramic tiles do not become electrically charged, so you don’t feel a spark as a result of friction. Ceramic tiles are advised for people with allergies and asthma. This is because the hard surface of the tiles do not attract or hold pollens, allergens and dust. It is easy to wipe these off the floor while mopping. This makes the air in the room fresh and allergen free.

The layer on glazed ceramic tiles is impervious to water making it slip resistant. This is why ceramic tiles are a popular choice for wet areas like bathrooms, kitchen and wet rooms.

Ceramic tiles are no doubt the most favoured option for flooring. They add to the aesthetics, last for many years, are environmentally friendly, water-resistant and easy to maintain. So, next time you are stuck with deciding what to choose for flooring, you know the answer. Cheers!

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