Your car is dead? Scrap it!

Is your car as old as your adult child? It’s about time both of them left the nest, don’t you think? It definitely seems like a good move. We love keeping our first cars for as long as possible. There are several emotions attached to it, including a lot of firsts – like your first kiss, first date, first speeding ticket, first road trip, first accident, first heartbreak. All varied life experiences in that one car! But when the car spends more time in the garage, than it spends on the road – it is time to let go. Learn to detach!

Getting rid of an aged vehicle is a complex process. Are you looking for a prompt and hassle-free sale, with a good amount of profit? When it has gone totally kaput, it is time to consult well-established car wreckers in Adelaide. HS Car Removals Adelaide, offer great customer-oriented services in relation to purchasing used cars. They offer assistance like cash for cars, dismantling, wrecking, paper work, vehicle evaluation, appraisals, acquiring scrap cars; with immediate cash payments and giving you the best quotes. They are well insured and licensed to dispose rejected and broken down cars.

Key Benefits of Using Car Wreckers

Even when a car has reached the final stages of breakdown, almost 70-80% of it can be recycled, after you dismantle it. Knowing how to take it apart is a much sought-after skill. Mechanics from garages regularly source spare accessories or parts from car dismantlers in Adelaide (or for that matter, any part of the world.) Hence, the knowledge to strip a car diligently is inestimable. These are the advantages of using people trained in disassembling a car:

  • Going Green: Did you know that most parts of your car can be used again? A major portion of accessories and parts can be fitted in other vehicles, and the rest can be auto recycled for use again. Recycling and disassembly of parts is a major industry on its own. Restoring vintage automobiles is popular. Car parts are deliberately sourced for the same, as most of the parts used in a vintage automobile are not made any more. The usage of recycled parts instead of making new ones is a sustainable solution. It saves non-renewable resources like oil, and protects the environment.
  • Hassle free: If you car is completely defunct, you need to pay a lot of money for towing-services to take your vehicle. In this case, you get free services to remove your car, in the transaction, which is of great convenience. They also assist you with the legal documents; it is a fast, smooth and handy alternative. And you get paid instantly.
  • Any brand can be sold: Constant stress for disposing an old car stems from the age, model and condition of the vehicle. Car wrecker accept any type or model – regardless of these factors. They are aware of the market for old or vintage parts, as there are a growing number of designers, hobby collectors and enthusiasts who love refurbishing antique cars.
  • Reliability: Worry is a commonly associated feature, when selling a vehicle to a stranger, isn’t it so? You are not sure if you’ve sold your vehicle to a terrorist or murderer, even before all the documents could be transferred in your name. Jokes aside, this could be a source of nightmares!!! You can lay your worries to rest when you choose to sell it to an auto wrecker. They are consistent with paperwork, which will always be in place, and you are assured of sale to a reliable business.
  • Ready cash: How much do you think you will get for a car that cannot be used? It takes a lot of space to store something damaged, in addition to the stress involved when trying to get rid of it, without having to spend a load of money. There are parts of your vehicle that can pay for itself, and are of value in the form of scrap. Their team evaluates what your car parts are worth, and give you a reasonable quote. They offer fair rates. It is quite the challenge to find better rates for an unused vehicle.

All the above benefits are sure to add value to your old car. You don’t need to keep it with you for sentimental reasons. Move on! Shouldn’t you start looking for a shiny, new car?

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