Tips & Tricks To Properly Maintain Your Washing Machine


Most homeowners out there rely on their washing machines to perform the tedious chores of washing their clothes. From regular wear such as tops, lingerie, skirts and denim to heavier items such as bed sheet, curtains and even sofa covers – washing machines have indeed made our life so much easier & effortless. Thus, it makes sense to keep your washing machine running in good condition so that you can use it for a long period. 

The following are some of the most popular tips that you can follow to keep your washing machine in great condition so that you don’t have to worry about costly washing machine repairs

Top Washing Machine Maintenance Suggestions

  1. Deep Cleaning

Homeowners always expect their washing machines to be 100 percent efficient all the time, but that rarely works. Washing machines encounter problems and thereby lose their overall efficiency over an extended period. You might also observe that your clothes are not coming out as clean as they should. Such a scenario happens when there are micro-residuals present in the water that’s used for washing the clothes inside your washing machine. This happens in areas where there is hard water. 

Therefore, to cope up with the effects of hard water, you have to deep clean your washing machine more frequently. Try using a strong washing machine cleaner and you’ll be good to go, but ensure that the cleaner doesn’t damage the plastic & metal parts of the appliance. Buying a washing machine cleaner isn’t just about buying the costliest or cheapest one – it’s about buying the ideal one. 

  1. Giving The Rubber Gasket A Proper Cleaning

The rubber gasket forms an essential part of your washing machine and it does suffer a lot of wearing out over time due to constant usage. The rubber gasket is responsible for wrapping the edges of the washer-dryer and thereby protects your clothes from getting damaged during the washing process. 

Whether you’re using a front-load or a top load washing machine, small dust particles will always enter the rubber gasket, especially when you open the door. So, to keep the rubber gasket tidy, you have to clean the same once in a while. Simply utilize a damp cloth and wipe the gasket. Performing the task every week would suffice. 

  1. Protecting The Finish Of The Washing Machine

There’s no denying that clean-looking appliances will always enhance the appearance of your interior home décor. But, if you have an old washing machine, it might not look that great and can even affect the overall look of the house interiors. Some homeowners tend to ignore this aspect and thereby forget to clean the exteriors of the washing machine. 

But, if you’re a responsible homeowner, make sure you use a glass cleaner to properly give your washing machine exteriors a thorough cleaning. 

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